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Door Step School is actively associated with PMC schools from the year 1999 through their following projects:
Grow with Books conducts three main programs during school hours in 115 PMC schools:
1. ‘First Steps Forward’ for Std.1 children. The objective is to enable children to be able to read their prescribed text-book at the end of the academic year. It focuses on daily supervised reading with the help of specially designed competency based teaching aids along with stories, games and songs. The results are very encouraging. In 2013-14 62% children were able to read the 1st grade book without difficulty.
2. ‘Reading Class Program’ in Std. 2 to Std.4 along with lending library in all 115 schools.
3. In addition to this, in 67 out of the 115 schools there is also a lending library for Std.V to Std.VII students where children can exchange books once every week.
4. Encouraging creativity in children by conducting various activities such as drawing, story-telling and reading competitions. Recently, 226 number of children participated in writing one page stories. Of these 40 stories have been selected and illustrated by other children. This collection is published in a book titled “ Amachya Goshti, Amachi Chitre “ (Our Stories,Our Pictures)

Other programs:
In 2103-14, through its different initiatives such as Every Child Counts – (ECC a citizens’ campaign, which aims at identifying and enrolling all out-of-school children in PMC area all through the year and following their progress); Education Activity Centers – EAC at construction locations and Parents’ Partcipation in Children’s Education – PPCE in and around Kondhwa (PPCE focuses on educating parents in their role as a school going child’s parent), Door Step School has enrolled 2000+ children from various construction sites, brick kilns and slums in PMC schools and arranged transport for nearly 700 children every day with partial financial support from PMC.
Under PPCE, DSS helped 15 PMC schools to locate frequently absent /dropped-out children.

Thermax Social Initiative Foundation (TSIF) has been partnering with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) since 2007 to run and manage four of its English medium schools. For its school initiatives, TSIF is supported by its knowledge partner, Akanksha Foundation.
Under this public-private partnership (PPP) model, the Municipal Corporation provides the infrastructure, regular books and stationery, mid-day meal and school uniforms for the students. Akanksha Foundation is responsible for teacher recruitment, training and setting goals and curriculum for the schools. TSIF takes care of the day- to- day administration and the remuneration of staff and teachers who are on its pay roll.