Credit – the alternative to the bank

auxmoney is the largest German online credit marketplace for the provision of personal loans – in the sense of crowdfunding or crowdlending. At auxmoney, loans are issued at comparatively low interest rates . The concept of auxmoney is as simple as it is successful. On the platform, credit seekers and private investors are brought together. Loan seekers can register for free and publish a credit application. Subsequently, private investors can invest in the project in question.

If the project is fully funded, the auxmoney loan is established and paid out to the borrower. Since lending at auxmoney does not require the intermediation of a bank, both borrowers and investors benefit from the principle of crowdfunding. Since the law in Germany stipulates that loans may only be transacted through one bank, auxmoney works together with SWK Bank. This is responsible for the proper execution of the loan.

auxmoney credit over crowdfunding – advantages over banks

auxmoney credit over crowdfunding - advantages over banks

auxmoney is a real alternative to the bank and offers a number of advantages over traditional lending. Loan seekers at auxmoney profit above all from the favorable conditions, investors from a good return of on average 5.0%. In addition, the crowdfunding platform offers its borrowers the opportunity to describe their loan project in detail. This includes, on the one hand, that loan seekers explain to investors what they need a loan for. In addition, borrowers can publish a financial plan to show how the loan should be repaid. This gives investors valuable information to assess whether it pays to invest in the project.

auxmoney credit - alternative to the bank

auxmoney loan as an alternative to bank Thanks to crowdfunding

The advantages of auxmoney benefit in particular self-employed and freelancers. Because these professions benefit from the possibility of detailed project description, which they do not or only insufficiently get at banks and the loan is often denied. At auxmoney, on the other hand, exceptional business ideas also get the chance of being financed by a personal loan, also thanks to the crowdfunding idea.

auxmoney: alternative for borrowers

At auxmoney, the borrower can choose his preferred loan from 1,000 to 50,000 euros. For this he has the possibility to determine the duration of the repayment, which extends up to 84 months. If the loan amount is then 100% funded in a maximum of 20 days, the payout can take place. The auxmoney score forms the basis for the interest rate the borrower has to pay the investor after the payout.

auxmoney: alternative for investors

auxmoney: alternative for investors

Through auxmoney, private investors can easily invest money online and make a high return. From 25,00 € it is already possible to invest in the loan projects on After registering as auxmoney investor for free, you can view the various projects and decide if and how much money you want to invest. If you have any questions, you also have the option to credit borrowers via the auxmoney messaging system. If a loan project has been fully funded, all you need to do is transfer the investment amount. The loan installment repayment is organized by the broker auxmoney. auxmoney and the swk bank also take care of the loan transaction. The monthly installment will be collected from the borrowers and your share will be forwarded to you.

Which loan projects are possible at auxmoney?

Basically, the credit projects at auxmoney have no limits. Whether for the new car, the rescheduling or the step into self-employment. At auxmoney many different loan projects can be financed. However, it is advisable to run your own profile sufficiently, ie to provide all necessary and helpful information in order to convince investors to invest in their own project. Because more transparency creates more confidence and increases the chance to quickly get a loan, in order to draw on his credit in a timely manner. Investors, on the other hand, have the chance of a high return. auxmoney is thus an alternative to the bank for both investors and borrowers.